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November 25, 2020

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FabSaces is a construction value chain company facing a few challenges in its operations which included limited customer engagement, lack of online presence, and hurdles in showcasing its diverse range of portfolio projects. The company lacked reaching a wider audience, showcasing expertise, and driving new business leads and the reason was the absence of a user-friendly website.


Narrow online presence: Having limited digital visibility made it the company to stand out and compete amongst the industry peers reducing potential leads.


Ineffective Communication: An absence of a proper, dedicated platform for communication with clients, contractors, and suppliers leads to delays and misunderstandings.


Portfolio Display: The company was unable to showcase its full and extensive project portfolios to demonstrate its skills to potential clients because it lacked a centralized platform.

Strategy Session.

The company opted to take up a strategy session with the PixiPros team to address their challenges and plan out a roadmap meeting the requirements. The core objectives included:


Website Development: The first objective was to build a robust, professional, and user-friendly WordPress website to manage all the online activities centrally in a single hub.


Content Strategy: Moving ahead our second objective was to develop engaging and educative content showcasing the company’s expertise, project portfolios, and services that enable to drive potential clients.


Client Interaction: Develop and implement tools for seamless interactions with clients, suppliers, and contractors to streamline project management and improve overall efficiency.

fabspaces website conversion
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Plan of Action.

The team at PixiPros worked on developing a WordPress website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional. We ensure that the website is mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized, including clear navigation, a portfolio section, and contact form for lead generation.


Further, we worked on developing high-quality content that included blog posts, case studies, and informative service pages about the company. We were utilizing visual content such as photos, and videos to enhance engagement and showcase completed projects.


Lastly, to facilitate easy integration with the clients, suppliers, and contractors. We also developed and implemented a portal for clients enabling regular project updates, document sharing, and collaboration.

website conversion pixipros


Improved leads: The extensive portfolio showcase and implementation of informative website content of the services improved the website traffic resulting in the increased number of business leads.


Positive brand image: A User-friendly and professional website with engaging content enabled the company to establish a positive brand image, fostering confidence in clients and partners.

Increased online presence: The WordPress website significantly improved the online visibility of the company enabling the potential clients to find and engage with ease.


Efficient communication: The communication tools made the interactions with clients and stakeholders streamlined reducing delays and enhancing overall project management.


In brief, the strategic WordPress website development addressed the core challenges of FabSpaces. with an impressive and powerful online presence for massive growth and success in the digital landscape. 

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Transformative! PixiPros created a stellar site for our construction value chain company. Their industry expertise, attention to detail, and ongoing support exceeded our expectations.



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